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Settling a Judgement -- Will this work?

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Here is a letter that i am sending to an atty to settle my judgement for 2100. Please read and give me any feedback. Thanks!

I am writing to you regarding case number ________. I appeared in court on Sept 10, 2001 and met with an attorney. During that appearance I was told to pay $___ a month continued to January 10, 2002. (see attached sheet) I made the payments and was advised that the case would be continued in April and that I would receive notice. I never received notice.

I would like to put this matter behind us and settle out the judgment for good under a few conditions. This will save you time and money trying to collect the judgment and will help me recover from your negative entry against me. I have been offered an amount from a close family member to pay you $1,000 to settle the full debt and have the judgment dismissed. As the judgment creditor, you reserve the right to dismiss the judgment as well as entering it. If I pay you from this offer letter saving you immense time, fees and paperwork, you can then file a simple paper with the courts dismissing the judgment.

My offer is to pay you in lieu of the dismissal so that we have both gained something from this unfortunate situation. It is extremely important that you dismiss the judgment rather than satisfying it because a satisfied judgment really looks no better for me than a filed judgment. With a dismissed judgment I can justify paying you. Upon your signed approval of this offer, I will forward the full settlement to you immediately. I understand this offer is void if I do not send you $1,000 within 15 days of your signed confirmation. If you agree to "dismiss" the judgment upon full and final payment of $1,000, then you must sign this offer and acceptance.

Do you think this will work? has anyone had their judgement removed by doing this? Calawyer? Swede? anyone help!

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