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Hi, I had a Direct Merchants credit card that I belive I stopped paying sometime in '96 (unfortunately, i dont have any paperwork or bank info to back this up).

The account was discharged & turned to collections. This acct changed CA's until late '97 or early '98 when Asset Acceptance Corp (AAC) took it over.

My problem is this:

1.) I know the SOL is over for collecting $. (I live in OK which is 5 yrs.)And Im very sure that its been 7 yrs past because Direct Merchants has fallen off my credit(its nowhere to be found)

2.) Since Direct Merch. fell off, AAC has not only re-aged (which Equifax is backing)but they have reported this as a positive open line of credit. As well as, reported it 2 different ways to 2 different reporting agencies. (1-Asset Acceptance in my maiden name & 2- AAC in my married name -Igot married in '01)It looks like I have 2 accts with them.

I know I should validate, but ive been in contact w/them & I know this debt was originally mine. But have they violated any laws? What should I do? I know this shouldnt be on my report. AAC has reaged this back to '97. I know this isnt right and I have no contract with them and have signed nothing. PLEASE HELP!!!

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