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Recourse if creditor lies

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I'm in the auto industry. Consumers file suits against car dealers for verbal statements all the time. Even if they have signed no warranty or implied verbal guarantee statements. They will state the dealer or sales rep. said this was a good car and it isn't. Can't I go after the creditor for doing the same. All my accounts are paid or settled. I only did so because I was told that my payment would take these negative accounts off my credit. I know I have nothing in writing. But I thought the threat of a suit might get me some results. I've read estoppel letters, but do creditors really buy into that letter? What in the law directly pertains to verbal statements that are made and not done. All my debts were beyond SOL cleaning up my scores was the only motivator for paying.( I should state I was going to pay debts, but I wouldn't have paid the lump sums I just did. I would have continued to make payments.) I want to send letters to these creditors that have some legal standing. My car dealer friends even with their signed documents often settle the cases just to avoid the hassle of litigation. I would assume these creditors would not want litigation, they can get no more money out of me. Am I off my rocker?


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