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I've been doing good --I got the info from the bank and i have no idea how to read it...appears to be a lot of add on bank charges....I've got to get this cleared up so that i can open a checking account at a new bank.

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Checking accounts can be a nightmare (just one bad check can throw everything off).

Plus you need to find out what reporting service they are using - not CRA. Will be different. These services are used by the various businesses that accept checks (will be an automated service through the cash register) that checks your status and will prompt the cashier not to accept checks. I have numbers for quite a few of these but the bank should also be able to tell you who they use.

Know the statements can be a pain to wade through and read - last time I messed up my checking account had to let the bank lady take my checking book & call me when she got it all figured out.

Funny story on my case - I had 2 or 3 bounce so I chased around town to immediately pay & collect the checks from the creditors. Then after this I decided that I would not be mess up like this again - so I decided to hide money in the checking account blind (never wrote down the amount deposited) would write in deposit of 15 instead of actual amount of 15.95 .... did this for months. Till one day I had to fix it. This was when the lady had to take my checking book and get back to me later with the mess it was in.

When she called me back - I was almost $700 to the positive that I did not know was in the account. Recommend doing this if you have trouble keeping up with the account fees and such - really nice like tax return day when you find out you have extra money to use later. Of course hubby was not happy - less money he didn't know about to spend. :p

Now I do all checking online and review it every few days & follow it very closely. Some day I will have to play with it again and save up some extra money. Since without this method - I don't have the will power otherwise to save.

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