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I would like some help in knowing my rights with a company that has a judgement on me. I had voluntarily relinquished a vehicle because of loss of job. Company sold vehicle at auction and sued me for balance. That was three years ago. They garnished my check from my new job for $50 out of each check. My former boss took the money out of my check but didn't send it to the company and so she shorted me about $300 dollars. When she closed her business I found out and took it back to court. The company did not want to go after my boss for the money she took because she filed bankruptcy. Since then I made an agreement with the company to continue making the same payments without a garnishment and I have continued to do so, $50 (biweekly). My question is this: Can they legally charge me 23.9% interest accruing each year? At that rate I can never pay off this debt. Your web site says in New Mexico it is 8.75%. Please help.

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