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SOL confusion

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I posted this under another listing previously, but since it's more law jargon related I thought I'd try here!!

I have been searching trying to find the civil code/title ect for the SOL in Oklahoma. Every site I have found that gives SOL information, lists the SOL for open-ended accounts as 3 years. I found this last night and am confused.

Title 12 section 95:

1. Within five (5) years: An action upon any contract, agreement, or promise in writing;

2. Within three (3) years: An action upon a contract express or implied not in writing; an action upon a liability created by statute other than a forfeiture or penalty; and an action on a foreign judgment;

This makes it look like 5 years due to the phrase "An action upon any contract, agreement, or promise in writing" But in the next one it states "contract express". So my question is, what is a contract express??

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