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Calawyer....Can DH sue EX for damaging his credit?

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Here's the scenario.

DH and his ex share 2 joint accounts. EX has always paid on the accounts but has racked up numerous lates (30,60/90 days etc). Divorce decree states that both accounts are responsibility of EX. EX has not been paying on the accounts as she should. The negative payment history is damaging DH's credit.

Goodwill letters to both creditors have not resulted in DH being removed or lates being removed. DH is considering suing EX as he is currently searching for a mortgage but the negative credit marks are lowering his score.Both accounts have been closed for some time.

1.Does DH have to pay off the outstanding balnces before he can sue- so that he can recover monies paid?

2.Can he sue to be removed from the accounts?

Any help appreciated

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Sorry. I've been very busy lately. The problem with these divorce decrees is that the creditor is not a party to those proceedings and doesn't know about or agree to the resulting orders. I would have DH go back to his divorce attorney and work some arrangement out. Seems he would want off the account and to get some credit for all amounts paid.

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