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Impermissable purpose, Calawyer, mind looking?

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Issue #2: In January 02, the check engine light came on. I am a certified GM Mechanic and I have a code reader. No one I have talked to could tell me where the exhaust manifold is for one of these transmissions. I've taken numerous transmissions apart and I have never found an exhaust manifold, let alone one that needed a gasket. I'll let you come to your own conclusions. Needless to say, I didn't pay for those repairs and they didn't hound me for them.

DH is also GM Mechanic & you are 100% right there is none.

Issue #7: I currently have 9 Credit Inquiries across three Credit Reports that are dragging my credit scores down as I try to mortgage my house. These 9 pulls are directly linked to Nu Star motors and their attempts to get me financing.

Ok - I can tell you for the inquiries - all pulls within 14 days for auto purpose will only count as one pull. Don't know how many points for the one pull but still this is better then other types of creditors. Mortgage companies do the same thing. Multiple pulls in 14 days count as just one.

That still don't help when companies don't honor you business with them; they can & should of helped you in this matter.

Definately go after them on the check issue as well.

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From my understanding of the inquiries Auto / Mortgage include all into 14 days but suppress the affects of the score for 30 days on the scoring.

That is a real problem for the coding of the auto inquiries then; I pull here manually for one dealership - and I always use auto loan on the permissible purpose. But then two we are a re-seller (Experian) & we only pull using the dealerships member codes not our own if we can help it (be cause then that will show our business name - and only the CRA can see the dealership as the end user).

I have to research this more on the users and inquiries; recently another CRA (CSC) told me the reason code did not matter and that the member code determines in the end wheather pull was hard or soft.

I suspect that each CRA is doing things different from one to the next - so this will really confuse the matter in the end. So the other businesses used their own member numbers and what ever reason codes they wanted really hurting the scores.

But this is not always the businesses fault due to poor instructions from the CRAs IMO. But you do have a case for sure on this - just that this is a complex matter dealing with scores; and not knowing all facts of the matter.

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Well, most of the inquiries are from credit unions that offer other products. The owner of the dealship stated that they tried to get this bought as a line of credit from one of the CU's. So, they're not all auto pulls. Really, blows my mind that they tried in so many ways.

They also got approval on most of them. The CU's they got approval from wouldn't do client participation, so they kept shopping until they did.

Now I need an attorney to deal with this.

CAlawyer, you looking for a case that will probably settle quickly?

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