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Can they do this?!?!

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Not sure if anyone over here can help, but....

OK so I got a letter form my lovely GM card saying that they are raising my APR from 16.9% to 23.99%. I have not had any late payments, and made the min payment or more each month. So basically I have no defaulted on my terms. There is nothing in the letter like in most change in terms things to not accept the changes by writing a witten letter to them with in so many days. They said the reason for the change is they re-reviewed my account and

1.)Payments are low compared to balance owed

2.) Available credit on my account

I still have 300+ available and I am making the min. payment so WTF!?!?

Anyone know if I can do anything?

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Pay the card of or, BT to another card with a lower rate.

Utilization ratios are a big part of creditors internal scoring. If they see you near the limit on a card and just making minimal payments, red flags go up. Are you running large balances on your other cards?

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