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In the process of trying to clean up my credit I ran into some

of these "credit repair outfits".

Interestingly enough some claim that they can remove judgements from your report because of the stipulation that CRA's can't report incorrect information. Some say that they know the system so well that they can dispute the judgement on a technicallity (sp) and get it removed.

My question to our readers is on what techanicalities can we dispute items on our reports.

I think it would be benefitial to the group to know what issues we can dispute and start a list.

... One of the readers said that on judgements they don't use

SS' numbers. If that's the case that can be easily disputed?

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You would dispute just the same as the regular tradelines -

"No knowledge of having judgment"

Incorrect Open Date

Incorrect Release / Discharge date

Incorrect Balance

Also; if you had lived at a prior address when the judgment took affect; sometimes by deleting old addresses you can better accomplish deleting the judgment.

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