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I'm having a problem with Whitewing FNCL

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Back in 1990 I opened a Chase credit account (limit $500). About a year later, I defaulted on the account. This account is no longer on my CR's, however a company called Whitewing FNCL is representing Chase and they are looking into my CR, creating hard inquiries. I contacted Whitewing FNCL and asked them why are they pulling my credit. They replied, they can do so. I then contacted TU and explained the story. TU replied, they don't dispute inquires. Now, should I write Whitewing FNCL and advise them, that they are illegally looking into my credit and that the SOL has already kicked in.

Its been 12 years now; Why are they coming after me. :confused:

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Because these sleazeballs make a business of trying to extort money from people on out-of-statute debts ! Whitewing is notoriously BAD. The SOL has expired in all states except RI !

Do NOT send them a penny, send them a cease and desist letter,certified RRR, and tell them to crawl back into their cesspool.

Send them this letter:


The state statutes you need for the letter are on that same site.

The cannot sue you over this debt and putting it on your credit report, if they have, is also a viloation of the FCRA. CA's do have the right to pull your credit, you can't stop them from doing that. However, if they put this thing on your credit report, you CAN sue them for violations of the FCRA.

Send the letter and tell them to eat sh** and die !

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