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I just recieved a collection on my credit report equifax after getting approved on a home loan of $225,000! A bill appeared of $120 at a hospital where my ex-wife of 19 years lives. a bill she did not pay using my insurance for our daughter. i was un aware of this doctor bill she never notified me nor did the hospital or the collection agency EVER!NOW I CANNOT OBTAIN HOME OWNERS INSURANCE BECAUSE MY HOME OWNERS FICO SCORE IS TOO LOW!THE COLLECTION AGENCY HAVE ME DOWN FOR A COLLECTION PLUS HAVING LATE PAYMENTS OVER A 24 MONTH PERIOD 2 NEGATIVES!

I have contacted this collection company by letter stating i was never contacted or even new about the bill and paid them immediatly NOW they wont pull it from my credit report CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF THIS IS LEGAL TO POST THIS ON MY CREDIT REPORT BEING WELL I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OR HAD ACKNOWLEDGED THE PROBLEM!


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You are in a time delima here - would think to speak with the collection company and negotiate removing the negative information in exchange for payment.

Tell them you need confirmation immediately by fax to forward to the insurance company & to forward to the CRA to update file (asking them to update ASAP due to mortgage). And note to forward updated credit report to the insurance agency as well so they know when the changes have taken affect.

Experian: 972-390-1680 Fax

TransUnion: 610-546-4605 Fax

Equifax CSC (affiliate) 281-878-1974 Fax

If CSC is not your area - will go hunt down fax directly for Equifax.

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