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Need help please

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I will try to make this as short as possible...

I live in illinois and I have some credit card debt that I have no way of paying. My debt equals about $15,000 including late charges etc...

What do the SOL actually do? When SOL runs out, do they have any legal recourse at all?

Can I ask for a debt validation right now? I have been ignoring letters and calls from collection agencies for a while now.

I was thinking about writting them a letter asking them from now on to only contact me via mail, and if they do contact and sue.. can i then file for BK?

Should i send these letters for Validation to only collection agencies? or should i send them to credit card companies also?

Does the SOL have anything to do when it was turned over to an outside agency? Or just when i was late with the cc companies who extended me credit?

Thank You for your time. :confused:

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Be careful here,as most seniors on this board will probably back me on you still have a ways to go before the SOL is up and I sure wouldn't want to light a fire under any of these CA's, but yes, request validation from the CA, doesn't apply to OC. Do not call anyone...mail only and always CMRRR so you have a paper trail.

If they are calling you right now, send C&D letters, you can find them on this website...read, read, read until you are blue in the face on this site, there are some really knowlegable people here. Most of all do not be intimidated by these CA most of them are a..holes! :eek: excuse me!

Once your 6 years is up they can go "pee up a rope" I think I read that somewhere here :D

Above all don't consider BK at this time, stall and make them deliver the goods to you (original signed contract, etc.) not just a statement!

BTW the SOL has to do with the OC, when you first went into default.

God, I am starting to sound like I've learned something here....I am having an out of body :upsidown: experience right now!

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thank you for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.

I have kept very bad records and havent opened a letter from a creditor and just started answering my fone after not doing it for a year, when the caller id didnt show i number reconized.

I am looking thru my credit report and have 2 "revolving account" credit cards that have a past due of $0 and a balance of $xxxx.xx

The other 4 "revolving accounts" listed have the same "past due and balance"

One of those accounts has the same account number for a "Installment Acount" with Sherman Acq account with different balances.

I have 1 more "Installment Account" with Sherman Acq with an account number that doesn't match up to anything else.

I don't want to fail to mention that every single one of those 4 accounts have different "open dates and reported dates"

I have 1 "collection account" from Sherman Acq that was turned over to Wexler and Wexler and that account number is different from every other account.

I have 4 other credit cards that are only in "revolving accounts"

I have gotten calls from at least 3 different companies representing at least 3 different credit card accounts.

I don't even know full account numbers, only the portion given in the credit report.

Who should i send combo "DV and C+D" to? How do i get full account numbers for these accounts?

Any other suggestions on what to do?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post, I hope you know how greatly it is appreciated!!!

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