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Judgment and SOL

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Hi all,

My paycheck was recently garnished by PRA(they bought the account from Sears). The judgment was entered on 12/13/02. I just found out that the SOL is 3 years in Maryland . On my credit report the last date of activity is 2/1999. Is this leverage to get the CA to remove this from my credit report? They are going to report it as satisfied, but I want it removed. I'm also checking to see if they are licensed to collect in my state.

Thanks for your help. :eek:

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Judgment SOL takes precidence over the creditors SOL.

My guess is that you have both a judgment & collection tradeline showing on your credit report. So you will want to negotiate with them to dismiss the judgment & delete the collection account & update the original creditor to reflect paid as agreed.

Be lucky if you can get all 3 of them things accomplished though. Collection agencies rarely have negotiating ability over what the original creditor is reporting.

So it will take part negotiation & part disputes with the CRA to accomplish what you want.

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