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Very Old Repo/Judgement

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Howdy, all. I hope someone can help point me in the right direction. I'm located in NJ.

A very long time ago (1992), I had a new truck reposessed after being late a month. At the time of reposession, I was not:

a) given the opportunity to collect my personal things from the vehicle,

B) not notified of the impending sale of the vehicle, and

c) not notified of the sale of the vehicle and remaining balance.

Stupidly, I thought that, since I was never notified of any of this, the lender fully recovered their money from the sale of the vehicle. It was, after all, only a few months old.

Years later (1996) just after I bought a house and had a child, I was contacted (by telephone) by an attorney representing the lender. He basically used scare tactics on me, demanding that I pay or they take away everything I had. I told him that I was never notified of ANYTHING or given the opportunity to get my personal effects, and he said that it didn't matter. Notification was mailed and they needed no proof that it wasn't. I agreed to pay him monthly. Things got tight, and I fell behind, and eventually stopped paying him alltogether. I never heard from him again.

Now (2003) I see that a judgement is on my credit report totaling $10,000 dollars! Again, I wasn't notified of a hearing or anything. I haven't moved. In fact, this same judgement appears on my father's credit report (same name, had nothing to do with the loan). I'm thinking that perhaps they notified him? Or something got crossed?

My questions are these:

a) Because I was never notified of anything, is this judgement valid? If I try to fight it will that only stir up the bees' hive and bring trouble back to my door?

B) Will/can the lender come after me again? Garnish my wages? Or will it rest undisturbed until the sale of my home?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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