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Completely Exhausted-Need Advice


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I've been working so hard since our BK 7 discharge to clean up our credit reports and get our scores up. My husband's and my scores are out of the 500s now, but it seems that almost every day something else is being reported, re-aged, and TU even got my husband's middle initial wrong all of a sudden.

The point is that I am disabled and suffer from a lot of physical pain and this is simply draining me to the point of collapse. Hubby is very busy trying to keep a job and is very drained when he is off from work. Besides, with the help of everyone here I've amassed a great deal of knowledge to the point of being congratulated by our BK lawyer on the rise in scores so soon. I really owe it all to you folks.

Anyway my point--I physically and mentally cannot go on at this point as my health is being very adversely affected trying to keep after these lenders and bureaus and their constant errors. I know there are those "credit repairers" out there and have heard little good about them. Is there possibly another way I can get some assistance with this? There are even some matters that are serious enough to sue over (our BK lawyer doesn't do stuff like that after the discharge) but I am simply at the point of exhaustion.

Any recommendations/thoughts on the matter? What is left of my health is fast disintegrating under the strain. How someone can do this for a living is beyond me--must have nerves and strength of steel!

Thanks in advance....I'm going to lie down now before I fall down. :(

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Just hang in there... there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep all your records and document everything. Before you know, you will have them on numerous violations. Just keep everything and keep organized.

I know it can be a drag. Just stick with it. Trust me. Been there. My scores were in 400s back in February. I started to get all obsessed with my credit when I found this place. Now my Experian score is 603, and TU and Eq are in high-mid 500s. It can be done! Yes, it takes time but it can and will be done if you just keep at it. It won't happen overnight, but once you delete few things here and there, you will get some satisfaction and that is what will keep you going and going and going like Energizer bunny :D

Hang out here.. there is lots of good people that are willing to give you good advice.

Things will get better 8)

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Many thanks for the pep talk. Just the fact that we've done so much in so little time should indicate that it is worth it. Just don't want to end up in the hospital over a bunch of numbers. :shock: I realize it's hard even for those in good health.

Even had a dream last night where I was arguing with a saleman over my scores. Can you imagine! Enough is enough, when you see FICO scores in your dreams, it's time to take a few days off. :roll:

This board is worth it's weight in gold. One thing for sure, so far all I've done on my own with help from this and 2 other credit boards couldn't have been done better by these repair companies that charge an arm and a leg. Also found that being polite on the phone with the bureaus is a plus.

It's just that I do see the need for a lawyer in the future as the mortgage lender is starting to report delinquencies after the BK discharge, which we've learned is a definite violation. That's something a lawyer needs to handle, just having one will carry more weight and he/she might catch something we might be missing. But that's a regular lawyer, not a credit repair company.

Hope everyone is having a very pleasant Sunday.

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