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New Car Contract

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I bought a new Vibe for my wife on March 31. We turned in our leased car and put down a $5,000 payment. We agreed to a 60month 0% contract. On April 23, we were sent a letter stating that GM could not honor the terms of this contract. Two days later we got our first installment billing, which we paid. I do not know what to do. The salesman lied to us about many things. When I challenged his words, he had the manager come out and threaten to tear up the contract! This was nine days after my leased car was turned in and after I had paid the $5,000. Under duress, I had to agree I was satisfied before they would give me the new car. I complained by phone to Pontiac, but they did nothing. I ended up getting none of the extras promised and a new car with more mileage on the odometer than what is written on the contract. I guess integrity does not matter to this dealership. I am very bitter at the way I was treated. Any comments of how to deal with this situation would be appreciated. I don't want to renegotiate this contract. :mad:

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