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Yoohoo -- calawyer!

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Now, who knows how to sue one of the CRAs in California? Anybody got a registered agent for any of them? I think I found what I need for Experian, but I am at a complete loss for the other two. At the Secretary of State's site, I did find Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc., with an Agent for Service of Process, but it says here that Equifax's status is "surrender." What the hell does that mean? If I sue them, they'll just surrender? LOL, don't we all wish?

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Sorry for the delay. I have been on vacation.

Try your search in the "LP/LLC" field at the California Secretary of State's website. Surrender just means that the company voluntarily surrendered its corporate name. This is sometimes done when a company switches to Limited Liability status.

For those of you who are not suing in California, here is a great website with links to resident agent for service of process info in most states:


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