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New Business after BK

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After 18 yrs I relocated my business across the street. Due to the landlord breach of the lease I have to declaire BK 7. We sued the Landlord and won. My wife recived Personal Injury settlement, which is excluded from the BK (?). With that we want to start a new business at a new Location.

Will it be very hard if not impossible to sign a new lease in a new center. What happens if only I declare BK. What about joint.

If only I Declair BK, can joint Credit Card debt be discharged?

We have some investment property that has equity in it but still making payments on. It is in both of are names, Will it be added into the asset pot, or can we reafirm (?) the note and keep the land.

Before our move we had a spottless credit rating (757). Do to the special circumstamces and winning the law suit, will it show up some how to let future creditors it was a special situation, out of our controll that led us to BK.


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