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New Car Contract HELP

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If you signed the contract for the deal with the finance manager, i.e. you got your financing through a company like GMAC, etc.. and you've gone through all the contact's and such..The car should be yours. I do know that sometimes if the dealers cant find you financing they can have you bring the car back, this is if you havent signed the financing contract. Most dealers will make you sign something before you take the car home that if they cant find you financing then you will bring the car back. You should get all your money back you paid the dealership. If you paid the finance company something is really wrong, with most finance companies you dont even get to the contract unless you are approved.


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We sell financing software to used car dealers. Yes, they are crooks.

Anyhow, what I think happend is this.

You must have signed a contract that has a clause in it that states, "subject to credit approval". Basically, the dealer thought he could have you financed but the deal fell through. He must have got you financed at another bank at a higher rate and has to change the terms of the contract.

I would get a lawyer who deals in car loans and lemon law. They are pretty good with car loans.

And as far as I know, in AMERICA, a deal is a deal in the eyes of law. If you have a contract you have a deal.

Check out the net for "CONTRACT LAW", it will spell out rules for your state

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