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Small Claims in AZ

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I am completely familiar with them. I can quote them word for word.

My question is whether I actually CAN sue in small claims. From what I've found, I can file for:

* money debts

* personal injury

* property damage

* contracts

but not for

* libel or slander

* prejudgement remedies

* imjunctive relief

* specific performance

* class actions

* traffic violations

* criminal matters

* claims greater than $2500

I'm not sure where FCRA & FDCPA fit into that. I called a clerk & they had no idea what I was talking about. (surprise)

So, to restate: CAN I sue for FCRA & FDCPA in small claims in AZ?

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Both the FDCPA and, the FCRA say you may file suit in any court of competent jurisdiction. That includes small claims or you're higher state court as well as Federal. Your choice. Of course, the downside to small claims is very often the judges will have no idea what the FDCPA and/or FCRA involve and you must educate them.

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