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TU letter disregarding my dispute

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Apologies for all for the quasi cross-post, but I'm getting a lot of different opinions over in the repair board, and figured it might be best to request the advice of the legal eagles. Anyhow, here's a link to the thread with the letter they sent me and all the commentary, etc.:


Can anyone definitively tell me what I'm looking at with regards to this letter?

Is it a TU stall tactic that I should disregard and keep the 30 day clock ticking and then nail em with not verifying debts within the time limit, going as far as taking them to court if they give me trouble? I have proof that it was MY letter I sent. Many put up arguments that were good for this.. If I've got these guys by the short and curlies, I *will* run with it and take these guys to court if I have to.

Is TU justified in this action as DocDon suggests, and I have to call them up and inform them they are wrong, and let them start the 30 days from whenever I call, thusly delaying my results?

He makes a compelling case as to why he's correct, as well.

Do I have to call them up, but get to keep the time I've already waited up to this point for them to do investigations?

Can they even turn down my request for dispute just because they THINK it's from a 3rd party credit repair company, even though it's not? There are an awful lot of those companies out there.. I've never heard of it being illegal for them to do their business anyways. Is their "assumption" even a valid reason to send me such a letter? And as I said.. I can prove I wrote it. I don't care if I have to have my printer sent to a lab for them to prove that the letter came from my system.

Any and all help on this would be greatly, greatly, GREATLY appreciated, because I'm completely confused.

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The difference is that in Xanathos’s case, they are telling you that no action will be taken, they are not investigating the items, in the “bogus credit repair letter” they normally don’t state this but only “who are you using, are you paying too much? Give us their name”….

FYI- it’s the same people in all the forums………..

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<blockquote>Originally posted by timbercreektech

Well you could call and ask the status of the dispute(s). My guess is that they will tell you that the 30 days is not yet up. This could confirm wheather they just sent out the letter to confuse or they will say they are not investigating.

Hey let us know what they say!


Yea but it's not up because they haven't started it, that's the issue in the letter they're stating that they will not start the investigation.

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