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Co-Signer Remove??

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I kind of have a related question? I co-signed on a car for my girlfriend and she co-signed for my car while we were still going out. She has since then left me and I took the liberty to get rid of my vehicle and removed her as a liability to me. Unfortunately she can't find the time to get to the bank to refinance her car in her name which is hurting me because I want to look at purchasing a home. If the bank looks at my credit report and sees I co-signed on a loan I shouldn't even be responsible for, I can lose the chance of getting the loan amount that I want.

My Question is this...Is there a way to legally force her to remove me off of her car loan?? Or am I stuck with this for 5 years??

It just seems like there should be a law protecting people against this because she has the credit now to have the car in her name. She is just being difficult, selfish, heartless, etc. : )

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