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Notice to respond

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Citibank has served me with a notice to respond.

In reading the board I know that I need to respond and deny something (or everything) on the summons.

Here's the situation. This CC does not appear on my combined credit report - I mean nowhere. I know that after I file my response, I need to get the debt validated by the CA who now has it..

Is it possible that the Gods are smiling upon me and they will be unable to validate the debt (because it's nowhere on my CR)? Or will requesting validation cause the OC to report it?

I know the SOL is not expired on this debt but I am going to request the date of last activity on the card from the CA anyway, just so I know (if they find it).

Here's another question. The legal firm handling this ran my credit report and the inquiry is showing up as voluntary. I never authorized anyone to run my CR.. This isn't legal is it?

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