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Another car horror story

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Dear Members:

I recently turned in my leased car to buy a new vehicle. The salesman inspected this leased car and told me it looked to be in good shape. It was. I took very good care of this car. However, there was a hole in the back seat caused by another person, not me, from a cigarette. I told the salesman about this. He took out a sample and asked me if the hole was bigger than that in the sample. I told him no. He told me there would be no damage charges. The hole was less than a quarter inch round. Two weeks later, the company sent me a bill for leased car damage for $80. It said there was a 2 inch hole in the back seat. I telephoned the company and they said there was damage and I'd have to pay. I sent them the money. It somewhat irks me that the salesman lied to me and that the report of damage was a lie. I doubt there is much I can do, but I will let my Christian friends know about this, so they can avoid this dealer. I for one do not do business with people who lie. :rolleyes:

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