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joint acct, divorce and judgements

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hey all...trying to plan for what I'm pretty sure will happen soon. Here's the basics:

Divorced, have a repo. Ex was supposed to get this in his name, but never did because his credit stinks and the OC wouldn't take my name off. His name is 1st on the acct, mine 2nd. I have "anonomously" found out that it was turned over to ASSET!!! and they have been trying to find him for months. I haven't gotten anything yet and not on my credit reports (yet). If they press this to get a judgement, will they go after both of us at the same time or one at a time?

Also, anybody know what I need to do to get my name off of this...if I take him back to court, is this small claims or back to family court to enforce the divorce papers...do I need an atty or can I do this myself? Any suggests welcome!!! :confused:

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To enforce his obligation per the court order of the divorce decree, you'd have to take him back to family court for contempt.

They COULD sue you both, but chances are if they can't find him, they'll sue you alone or vice-versa.

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