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Case law lookup ?

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To all our lawyer-members out there. I need to get to 2 bits of case law and I don't have the resources to do it. Lexis-nexis and the like are just too expensive. If any of you legal eagles has the desire and the time to spare, I'd greatly appreciate it. These cases could help a lot of folks.. seen many posts on the subject (colleges withholding transcripts for people who filed BK on a college debt !).

Here's the cases:

In re Gustafson, 111 B.R. 282 (9th Cir, BAP, 1990)

2 - Loyola Univ. v. McClarty, 234 B.R. 386 (E.D. La. 1999)

Thanks !!!

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Here is a publically-available case that cites Loyola. I could get copies of the above cases but I think Lexis might have a little problem with me if I post them. I check the copyright notices. Bump this post tomorrow to remind me.


PS. I know its not as easy as sitting in front of the computer, but the law library is a great resource for stuff like this. Lbrarians are great help with research and you can also check to make sure the cases you find are good law.

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After thoroughly reading the court case the previous responder provided, I was impressed by the precedent and 362 (a) (6) caught my eye. Although I owe nothing to my university, a friend of mine has an ongoing battle with his university. His debt dates to 1990. He claims he owes nothing. His university refuses to release his transcripts. I told him the SOL had expired, so they should not be able to do this. I'm not sure if I was right after reading the university to student contract provisions stated in the above mentioned case. Sorry to take up space, but I would like to help my friend who is a very stubborn man. I'm not sure, but I think his case is about an unpaid class he claims he never took, nor signed up to take.

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