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Required Charge-Off Date?

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Ok, I am trying to figure out the legal date which is required to be the latest date for the charge-off date on an account.

Last Payment Date: 02/01/2000

@ 210 days: 08/29/2000

Credit reports are reporting Charge-Off date at 9/2000; the last statement (one of the few things that the lawyer for the CA who purchased the account has provided so far) was dated 9/26/2000 (October's statement).

If the 210 days is calculated correctly, it appears as though, they were a month late in processing the Charge-Off status. (The lawyer only provided March (showing feb's payment), April, and October's statements; they've been re-requested to obtain the complete documentation, as I had originally requested.)

But, I'm trying to find a definitive date which they should have legally processed the account; so that I am ready for when the lawyer tries his next answer to the Validation request...

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