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How do I get out of checkrite?!!!!

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Sorry, but I have no where else to turn!!! Great Western bank reported me to the checkrite system for supposedly writing a bum check in 1995. I haven't been able to open a checking account in 8 years!!! Part of the reason my credit sucks so much is it's a pain in the butt to go get money orders all the time, so I'm always late. Please help me solve the riddle of Checkrite and get my name taken out of it.

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Depending on you state's statute, Calfornia has a specific statute that considers any agency that reports banking / checking account history as a CRA and all the rules apply as they would to any Experian-type of CRA. I think for all intents and purposes, this would apply nevertheless.

7 years have passed on this and you should demand removal!!

Check out the Lawyer in the House board and look for my example letters I sent for a BofA account that was haunting me for 5+ years.

Good Luck.

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