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confused judgement

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In 1996 I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was told by my lawyer this would include everything including my mortgage. I found this not to be the case, although my mortgage was included in my bankruptcy. I was sued by the mortgage company in 1999. I now have judgement on my credit along with a bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Is there anything I can do?

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Something don't look right here - like someone dropped the ball; if the mortgage was included & itemized in the bankruptcy they should of not been able to get a judgment against you. Would consider speaking to a lawyer for their opinion to see what went wrong (so you can understand this for yourself).

Problem is knowing if at this late date you can contest it; you can dispute none the less with the CRA to see if it can be bumped off.

The bankruptcy filed in 1996; Chapter 7 will remain until 2006 unless you can dispute and bump it off. But you still have to disclose it if you are ask in an application if having filed bankruptcy.

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