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Im not sure what Im getting into w/ lawsuit

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I recently sent my credit info to a law firm over the internet and in another state. They have contacted me and found numerous violations in the info I sent. They would like to sue 2 CAs on my report (WHICH IM ALL FOR) but, they sent an authorization for me to sign to persue the case, it seems standard, and they have assured me verbally and in this authorization that the only cost to me would be if Im needed for depo. or trial (like travel expense, etc..) But, it also states that If this goes into arbitration the cost would be mine and if they find a class action suit I would be a "representative" of that.... My question is 1)what kind of cost and what is arbitration and 2) how involved am I gonna have to be in a class action suit as a "representative"? Is this normal?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated I dont want to start more problems trying to get out of my past credit problems!!



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As a class representative, you are responsible for keeping abreast of what is going on in the case and providing input on major decisions at the request of the lawyers. You may have your deposition taken and you may have to respond to written discovery. You may also have to appear at trial. Really, it is not very different from being a plaintiff in an individual case, except that you must make decisions based upon what is best for everyone instead of what is best for you personally.

As for the arbitration fees, ask the lawyers exactly what they mean and get it in writing.

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