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Several years ago I started receiving collection notices from Florida Power and Light. At the time I rceived them I was living in an area that didn't even have that service. Also the last name wasn't even close to mine. Only same first name and middle initial. I responded to the first letter within the 30 days as dispute. The letters stopped around 1996 or 1997. I assumed all was well. About 1 year ago I moved to a city that uses FPL and started service. 1 month later, I received a notice to pay this past due amount. I called FPL to say it wasn't my account and never even lived in that city back in '94. They said I needed proof of where I lived then. The only thing I still have is some pay-stubs that showed I worked in a different city. I was told that wasn't good enough, and that public records show I lived there under a different name. (I think they are the ones who entered it into public records). I sent a letter disputing the account. A few months ago, an FPL man came to the door to collect or disconnect my current service. I had no choice but to pay it. I was blackmailed. What can I do about this? This was illegal and I feel I have no recourse.

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You need to contact a lawyer about this - to take suite against this company for collecting on a fradulant debt.

Would also contact the CRAs to put them on notice for fraud alert. Also file a police report - and send a letter to the utility company fraud department notifying them that they collected on a fraudulant account.


PO Box 9556

Allen TX 75013




CSC Credit Services

PO Box 981222

El Paso TX 79998-1222


1-770-375-2821 fax



Fraud Victim Asst. Dept.

PO Box 6790

Fullerton CA 92834


1-714-447-6034 fax


Would also contact you local states attorney to see if they can point you in the right direction to handle this matter.

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Thanks for the reply. First, this was never reported on any CR. So I'm not sure what good contacting the CRA's would do. 2nd, I did call the PD to file a fraud report. I was told that I would have to file in the city that FPL claimed I lived and that the SOL for filing a fraud report was up. This is a 9 year old account.

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Do as KB said and contact a lawyer immediately.

I do have a few questions. Not sure if they will help.

Did you contact any of your previous utilities to prove your residence? Have you checked with DMV to see if they can prove your previous address from their files? Did you contact your landlord, assuming you rented, from where you lived at the time? Any family, friends, neighbors, who can attest to your residence? Such as, they may still have an envelope from a greeting card you had sent them. Don't give up yet. It's sad when these monopolies take advantage of the consumer like they do.

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How about a FEDERAL or STATE tax return ??? Either of those will show what your address was at that point in time and be absolutely irrefutable evidence. If you don't still have tax returns that old, you can always request a copy of ANY return from the IRS and they will send it to you.

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Thanks for all the helpful tips.

First, I rented a room during those years, so no utility bills or lease. Second, I never thought of a tax return. I don't believe I have one from 1994, but I will contact the IRS. Also I was a victim of identity fraud during that time. Someone used my SSN for their business tax number. I still have the letter from the IRS clearing me of the extra chrges they wanted to nail me with. Although, it just say's "after reviewing the evidence, your return will remain as filed..." Doesn't say anything about someone else using my SSN. That might help. Question though, is there a SOL for me filing a fraud complaint? Also to thicken the plot... I'm 99.99% sure it was the ex-wife who lived there and used my SSN for the utility bill and the IRS. It was a home cleaning business that used it, and that's what she did. FPL told me that they tied the bill to me through my SSN. So now I'm really in a bind as to what to do. We had a terrible divorce. I won custody of our son. He was a mess for years because of her actions. Now she has become a good mother to him and they have regular contact. It has been nothing but good for him. Completely turned him around. I'm afraid if I stir things up she will drop off the face of the earth again and our son will suffer again. $165 seems like a small price to pay for his well being. I'm sorry to ramble. This is a credit board, not a divorce board.

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