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What do I do to settle a judgement

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Hello, I am new to this forum and have a problem. I have a default judgement against me for a printing debt from my attempt at being a magazine publisher. I owed the printer $8000 and he agreeed verbally to accept $100 a month once I was back on my feet. Within a few months I got a letter from a collection co/Lawyer that they had a default judgement against me and were using the usual threatening language. This wa 5 years ago. Since then I have been through a divorce, an IRS offer in compromise etc. I was able to save my credit and not have to do BK. The Collection agency never reported to the credit reports so it hasn't affected my credit. But, I need to settle this since it could be a cloud over my shoulder for ever. So, if they agree to the settlement offer. HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THEY SEND IN THE RELEASE OF JUDGEMENT TO THE COURT?

I guess my big concern is that I pay them a negotiated settlement and they do not do thier part.

Please advise,


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One of the issues is how long the judgment lasts in your state. You don't tell us where you live but you should look up the laws of your state and find out the answer to that question. That will help you decide whether to wait or wake a sleeping dog.

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