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being sued for $600

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<blockquote>Originally posted by weaver445

we are being sued for about $600 by Capital One. The actual amount we spent on the card was $187 because the limit was $200. What's up with that??? Does a notice of suit have to be hand delivered? :confused:


Well, you probably sent in your payment thinking it would reach them on time -- BUT -- it sat on a desk until it was over due and they added $25 for a late fee, then $25 for over limit fee, they an admin. fee for unknown reasons, then began running up the interest and fees on you. That is what they attempted to do to me befroe I stopped it early. They actually did it to my wife, but only after she paid the accoint off in full and closed it.

I would never do business with Capital One because IMHO they are no better than a Mafia loan shark outfit.

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