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<blockquote>Originally posted by MJMMDMM

Can a hospital send a 3 page itemized list to the ca for verification of debt? What happen to patient right to privates laws?


it depends if you gave authorization or not. if you didn't

you will own the hospital after it's all over. hipaa violations carry stiff penalties.

++Penalties for HIPAA Violations

HIPAA calls for civil and criminal penalties for privacy and security violations, including: -- fines up to $25K for multiple violations of the same standard in a calendar year - fines up to $250K and/or imprisonment up to 10 years for knowing misuse of individually identifiable health information.++

do not deal with the debt collector. write a letter to the hospital demanding they show you gave them authorization to release your records.

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HEY, so do you think that since the CA sent me a printout from the hospital indicating that I saw a certain doctor and my diagnosis as "depressive disorder" would be cause to ask the hospital for something that i signed about waiving my privacy rights?

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Read ALL YOUR PAPERWORK YOU SIGN so you dont sign away your rights

Very good point, Sakiawarner!

My old provider would send a little "form" along with a questionaire EVERY TIME a claim was filed.... this "form" was attached like part of the questionaire, but it was actually signing your rights away....

The questionaires were promptly submitted minus that last page.

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