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Need lawyer advice! Help!

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I have been divorced for over 2 years. My ex kept the

house and home equity. My name has still yet to come

off of either. I gave him everything he needed, even the

deed to the house to have me removed. Still nothing.

No where in our divorce says he has to refinance even

though he said he would take care of getting my name

off. How is it fair that my name is still on these high

priced credits that I am not responsible for? How can I

fight this? I am no longer responsible for them but have

to explain to all creditors and mortgage companies these

are no longer my responsiblilty?

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Unfortunately, the bad news is as far as creditors and collection agencies are concerned, your divorce decree means NOTHING ! Your name is still on the joint accounts and as long as that remains true, YOU are still just as liable for the debts as he is. If the debts were not assigned to him in the divorce and if he was not ordered to re-fi by the court, then you have no recourse to even force him to obey a court order.

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That is true. It says that he is responsible for the loan but not to re-fi. But

legally since my name is still on the home equity I still have access to the

account. This is not a nice thing to do but I should be able to get money

from that account and he would be responsible for it. I would not do that

but I would like him to know I am capable of doing that to scare him into

getting my name off. Can I have the home equity closed so he cannot

keep taking more money out of it cause he is using my name on the


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