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Charge-Off => Judgement => ?

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I just posted my story about $150,000.- in debt, all of which is of unsecured credit, however, after a thaughtfull moment I realized that the Nevada SOL are 4yrs Oral Agreements, 6yrs Written Contracts, 3yrs Promessory Notes & 4yrs Open Ended Accounts. The last option of "4yrs Open Ended Accounts" I'm assuming is where all the Credit Cards fall. If that is the case, assuming that only 1 or 2 Creditors decide to actually pursue legal action, I may wait the end of the SOL Period to actually delete all items out of context, the CRA's. Is that correct???

Meanwhile, I may settle with those 1 or 2 Creditors that will pursue legal action against me. Am I interpreting the law correctly???

LAST OPTION: File BK-7 As Soon As Possible???

Once again, thank you!

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