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Fee'd Off!! Sick of paying ridiculous fees that I never agre

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....and want to turn the tables on the creditors!! By what legal authority

can business charge consumers fees?? Most, if not all of the petty BS fees

that I get charged i don't agree to pay, they just get taked on to the bill.

when I do call to ask them, they say that they sent notification of the fee

schedule/increase with my statement--didn't i read it?? Of course not,

nobody does!!

So why can't we as consumers do the same thing to them??? With my next

payment, I'm simply going to include a letter that states that I'm being

squeezed on all sides by ridiculous fees (Quest communications actually

charged me a $4.95 statement fee for my monthly bill, a $6 fee to chang

local long distance carriers, and a $10 charge to change my national LD

carrier....) and that "in order to remain competitive in the marketplace, I

have no choice but to pass theses costs on to you, the service


If I give them the notice in writing, can I them begin to collect fees as they

do??? The onlyway we as consumers can stop getting "fee'd to death" is by

giving them a taste of their own medicine!!!!!


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