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Cal Lawyer - Opinion Please

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I was the President of a Corp in Calif and both the Corp and I were defendants that lost a lawsuit in court in 1997. I was notified a few days later of the Judge's decision to grant the plaintiff a judgment against the Corp and me.

However, it was not recorded at the county's recorders office, and was never reported to the CRAs. The plaintiff did turn it over to a CA, but I haven't heard from them since 1998.

If it wasn't recorded at the county recorder's office, is the judgment valid? Just wondering if I am still vulnerable to whatever collection action that may come back alive.



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This is an example of a situation where a lawyer really needs to look at all the paperwork to form an opinion. Often, plaintiffs record a judgment or an abstract of the judgment so that they can attempt to recover if you sell your home. Normally, the judgment is what it is whether it is recorded or not.

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