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Let me get this straight

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I paid an old phone bill last year which was reported to the CRA's after I paid it. In another thread on this site, I found the following sentence

<blockquote>Originally posted by kenrb01

The FTC says an entry on credit report is continued collection activity.</blockquote>

This being the case, is this a violation the CA could be sued for? I specifically asked them not to report it, since it wasn't appearing after all these years and low and behold, like a month after I paid it then it showed up from their agency! It had appeared before under various agencies, but not the CA I paid unitl after it was paid. I can probably dispute all the entries now and get them off, since it is paid, but I remember how mad I was that I was 1)lied to, 2)had another collection added, for a debt that was already there, 3)I dealt with this agency a second time and they did this to me twice! It was Gulf State Credit and my experience with them was terrible! If I could report them for a violation, at least I would get some sort of vindication.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks :)

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There really is no violation here, just because you asked them not to report doesn't mean they have to obey you. You should have made it part of the deal and gotten it in writing. Have you asked for validation? Have you disputed with the CRA?

I paid this bill before I really knew what I was doing with credit repair, so I didn't get it writing :(

I didn't do DV with Gulf State, I got them off in Round one with "not mine"...however, a few other CA's that are reporting this debt as unpaid are being DV'ed as we speak. If I can't get it off, I can at least get it to say paid.

What really pissed me off about this one was that they didn't report it at all until after I paid them, the lousy bastards! This sort of thing won't happen again, now that I am "quite learned" x:-)

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