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Please help on this...

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Thanks alot for all the useful information on this site, good news.

I just got my free credit report, as my TU (yes, i have read it don't matter) is only 479, and i am looking into fixing all of the problems i had when i was 18 and 19, i was a stupid kid, and there is no other explanations for it.

anyways, back on topic here.

i just recieved this Ameristar Financial Servicing Company letter in the mail today (starts the 30 day timer) and have double checked this debt on my credit report.

it states the accound as closed


Type: Automobile Payment: $238

Date Opened: 03/01/1998 Balance: $2972 Terms: 026 months

Date Reported: 01/01/2002 High Balance: $4714 Limit:

Past Due: $0 Condition: Derogatory Responsibility: Individual

Status: Collection/Chargeoff

Remarks: Charged off as bad debt

Profit and loss write-off

Two Year Payment History:

None Reported

Seven Year Payment History:

30 Days Late: 60 Days Late: 90 Days Late:

Now, my question being, do i even need to contact Ameristar? or do i ask them for proof, it seems to me that they are trying to claim an account that was already closed.

Thanks in advance.


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The account was charged off and sent to collections, as are most accounts that aren't paid on for a certain length of time. If the account were still open it probably wouldn't have been sent to collections. If you are not paying on something, why would the OC leave the account open? They will close it and try to collect, eventually using a CA or lawyer or the like.

Just go through the normal process with a CA (debt validation, etc.). What is the SOL in your state? Your DOLA?

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