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Spouse's responsibility for judgement

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Ok, quick question for any of you lawyers out there. I was in an accident in July of 2000. It is just now coming about that the insurance company for one of the other folks in the accident is trying to sue me for the damages they paid out.

I was just recently married on March 1 of 2003! Yeah me =)

My wife is concerned that is a judgment is entered against me, she will be held responsible for it. I.E. Garnishments, credit file.

Can this be the case? It would be from 3 years before she knew me. In Florida where this occured I found plenty of info that says this is not the case. However, she lives in Georgia currently and we may be moving there.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance all!

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Unless you are both sued, which they can't really do and get away with, she would not be responsible at all for your judgment. The only thing that will have an effect on her would be that your wages being garnished would lower the household income, and your joint bank accounts could be taken. You need to look up what your state allows for judgment enforcements. She has no responsiblity to pay off your debt that you incurred before gettin married, or even a court judgment that is handed down in your name after your married.

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