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Need case history, etc.

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OK, TU had sent me the infamous "You're using a credit repair agency, we won't investigate" letter. I called them today(their 30 expired this past Saturday) to find that they had, indeed, not investigated my disputes.

So, I ran my merry little butt to the post office just now and sent a CMRRR ITS letter with a demand to delete within 15 days or else I sue. I attached a copy of the original Certified mail receipt, a printout from usps.com showing when they received the dispute, a copy of my original dispute letter, and the letter they sent about credit repair agencies.

I'm going to assume that they are NOT going to delete the items like I'm demanding, and am going to start preparing my case for court. What I'd like(beg) is if anyone knows of any case history from people who have filed suit against TU for not removing items after the 30 day deadline under the guise of "credit repair agency syndrome", what the results were, and if possible, where I can go to get information on this history to use as reference.

The ITS letter I sent referenced the DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES ACT and tortious interference with contractual relations as reasons why they couldn't dismiss on the "assumption" that I was using credit repair(I wasn't), and also since there was no indicator that I was using credit repair, they had no basis for sending me a letter basically saying either "give us a 15 day extension by sending in our little form saying you aren't using one or else we won't investigate".

Also, if I end up filing suit with them: I asked to have 9 items disputed--is that 9 violations @ $1000 a piece, or one violation @1000? If it's 9@9 I suppose I'll knock it down to 5k to keep it in small claims.

Any help on this would be immensely appreciated. Or a simple "You ain't got a chance, son, and you just blew 5 bucks on a letter" if that's the case.

Gracias once more, mi amigos.

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