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LadyNRed or... Please help?

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I've been getting bounced ALL OVER the local Attorney General's consumer protection division trying to get this question answered(I'm sitting on hold again right now).

If a CA pegs your credit report, and they are NOT licensed or bonded to collect a debt in the state of Tennessee(as required by TN law), can they legally still put the negative tradeline on your credit report?

I found one lady who knew the answer to this question in my phone-pinball game, but she told me she couldn't answer it because her section of the AG office only discussed matters with the state, not with the consumers :(.

ALSO, if there is a judgement in place from the OC that is the SAME THING as the collection agency's negative tradeline, can the CA put a negative on your tradeline when you've already got a judgement on your report from the incident?(Judgement is for $629, and I'll be trying to have it vacated on the grounds I was never served, but the CA has the debt listed as a little more than that).

I've tried goodwill with the CA.. they weren't having it, so now I need to take off the gloves.. do I have anything here with the CA?

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Once its reduced to judgment, then the collection entry on your report should go away and it cannot continue to accrue interest at the old pre-judgment rate. Judgments have their own interest rate that accrues until its paid off. I would have to believe that ADDING a collection account for a debt already reduced to judgment.. basically the 'collection' is over.. is a violation of the laws. Basically the judgment REPLACES the 'collection'.

I know a guy who does judgment enforcement.. I'll ask him and see what he says.

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