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LadynRed, can you help w/ UCC translations???

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I just read a post that says michigan is more for the 'creditor' so when i called to ask my atty gen's office about the sol for med and utility bills i don't believe that anyone over there has a clue.

I keep getting mixed views about the SOL for these types of accounts. I keep hearing that if they are not written, then they are oral... but even the guy at the atty gen's office was giving me the "YOU DON"T PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL???" vibe. he said, "well you may not sign a contract to receive electric initially, but certainly every month you do"...

anyway, LadynRed, you mentioned something about being able to help with that. someone cut and pasted a portion of the UCC that seams to deal with breach of contract in a sales situation, which I do not (or am unable to) interpret as presiding an SOL different than open ended/written/oral. is there anything else you may be able to tell me that I can use as amunition in settling these accounts in terms of an SOL? here in Michigan for the accounts I mentioned it is 6 years... ALSO, I am wondering what to request for validation for this electric bill since there is no contract (they came back with full accounting on first request)... Thanks in advance for your help.

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