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case management question

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I have recieved the cm 110 form from the plaintiff for my limited civil case.

There is a case managment set for June 3, 2003.

The notice I received says I need not attend.

In the cm110, the plaintiff asks for 60 days to review my answer.

Does this mean they are asking to put off the case managment review for 60 days,

or does it mean they are asking that the court date be set at least 60 days from the

case managment review?

It important for me to know, as I plan to be out of town on Aug 3.

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Well, im confused because all the documents Ive received in reference to the case

managment review say "no appearance" .

The court rules say that this means the papers will be looked at by the court, but

there is not a time set.

Is there a lawyer in California who can clarify this?

Thank you.

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Here is what im refering to.

(2) (Case management order without appearance) If, based on its review of the

written submissions of the parties and such other information as is available, the

court determines that appearances at the conference are not necessary, the court

may issue a case management order and notify the parties that no appearance is


But dang...im reading the court rules and it says both parties need to submit a case

managment statement 15 days prior to case managment review. I didnt do that. Oh

boy. I may have blown this.

<<<<<<(Timing of statement)

No later than 15 calendar days before the date set for the case management

conference or review, each party must file a case management statement and serve

it on all other parties in the case.

help me Mr. Wizzard!

this never happened either....

<<<<<Meet-and-confer requirement]

Unless the court orders another time period, no later than 30 calendar days before

the date set for the case management conference, the parties must meet and

confer, in person or by telephone, to consider each of the issues identified in (e)

and, in addition, to consider the following:

Uggh....maybe i really shoulda had a lawyer

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Well I'm in MA and I just went to my case management conference. I know the laws are different for you in CA. But you are not a lawyer and the magistrate will know that. I would show up with your statement in hand on that day.

You need to talk with calawyer on this one. E-mail him if he dosen't respond to this post.

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Well, in the absence of any new information, and reading over the case

management statement sent by the plaintiff, the case wont be set for trial

at this case management review.

Looking at a previous thread, cal lawyer led me to the rules of court and

there are answers there.

The only thing left for question is...will i need to appear at any hearing

during the times of my vacation?

Im going downtown today, as today is the date set for the case

management review.

I doubt theres much I can do now to protect my dates but its worth a try.

where DO i get an icon?

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Not that anybody cares, but I thought Id report the outcome.

I went to couthouse, spoke to a very helpful clerk wo told me I need not

file the cm110, and if there is a hearing set for the time when Im on

vacation I can file a continuance.

Thats all i needed to know, but I had to pay the 10 dollars parking to find

that out.

where DOES one get an icon?

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Sorry, I've been out of town. Can't answer the icon question. You and I are the only ones without one.

Look through the topics covered by the case management statement. If there is anything you want to add, go ahead and file the statement even though it is late. Better to chime in late than not at all.

In my county, we always have to attend the hearings so I can't help you figure out whether it will take place or not. I would call a week ahead of the conference and see if it is going forward. The Judge's clerk will know what is on schedule for that week.

Good luck.

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