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Unbilled charge off with intent to sue

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My wife has(had) a cc which is now with a ca. Their lawyers are threatening to sue for the $1400 owed on it. Really there is only about $600 owed and all the rest is late fees and over-limit fees. Now, I don't mind paying what I owe, but we were never billed for anything. The first we knew of it was the letter from the attorney(two years later).

We moved twice and Change-of-Address was sent for all creditors. Unfortunately this one slipped through.( The OC -Direct Merchants - never bothered to change their records, although they did for my CC). Sent a validation letter to attorney and debt was validated, so to speak. Here are my questions:

The amount on the original notice sent by the so-called lawyers is different from what the validation documents read - Can I nail them on this?

Also, my wife tried to speak reasonably with the CA lawyer and he went into his intimidation act, and said we better pay the whole bill and not to get any lawyers involved because it would cost us more money....Could this be a violation I can file suit against them for?

The last question: Do I really have to pay the all the tacked on charges when it was the OC that was negligent in keeping up with their records?

Unfortunately the lawyers don't seem to want to negotiate, should I take the offensive?

Thanks to any and all responses.

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He can SAY anything he wants to say, doesn't make it true. Send a DV letter to the bozo's and see if they have anything with your wife's signature on it. If not, then you don't owe them one red cent.

And *Pulls out the sledgehammer to beat this into your skull* STOP..*pound*TALKING..*slam*TO...*crack*THE CA AND THEIR ATTORNEY...*crush*ON THE DAMN TELEPHONE!

I know you're new to the boards and all, but this is the cardinal rule of credit repair, and it's plastered ALL OVER this forum :p.

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