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Does anyone have any ideas?

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How can I sue Cross Country Bank?

Here's my dilema: Cross Country Bank has wrongly assessed fees, on more than one occassion, to my account with them.

One time was for a credit line increase which I declined in writing unless the fee was waived, it wasn't and they increased the line anyway, charging me $100.00.

In addition, I have been assessed fees due to an amendment to the cardholder agreement, allowing them to charge a $6.00 participation fee monthly, unless the cardholder opted out in writing and discontinues using the card. I notified them in writing and have not used the card. I have been assessed anyway. I have also been charged a late fee for a payment that posted 9 days after I sent it and 4 days late. I believe this was their fault and not the PO as other bills I sent out at the same time were delivered/posted in 3-4 days.

I have tried to resolve these fee disputes through phone calls which proved to be a waste of time and money, (eternal hold, transfers, long distance charges and disconnects). I have also tried written correspondence with no luck. My letters to them just generated a form letter response. Since I have been unsuccessful through conventional means, the only way for me to try and get my money back is to sue. Their new credit card agreement bounds cardholders to arbitration. Am I restricted against filing a small claims action?

The fees total a couple of hundred bucks with the interest that was charged. It's not so much the money but the principal. They are under investigation by several states for predatory lending practices but that doesn't do me any good. I'd like to file a small claims action against them but they have no registered agent in my state.

I believe I have a winable case with all documentation and proof necessary to demonstrate my case. Does anyone have any ideas how I might be able to get a cost efficient day in court? Can I only sue for actual damages (fees and interest on fees) or can I reasonably ask for more to compensate me for my time and aggrevation? An ideas would be greatly appreciated.

PS: All of the above, are reasons not to do business with Cross Country Bank. I have five cards and they are without a doubt the absolute worse and the highest cost. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to accumulate a balance with them. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, I am almost all paid off.

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