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small claims, chargeoffs, arbitration etc etc

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I have had my car repo'd, small claims case againest me by a person who was buying a mobile home from me, paid me in full, & never contacted me for a year to move it off my property, I tried to contact him, but could not, so I deemed it abandoned & got rid of it, now out of the blue a year later he is sueing me for the money he paid me.. I tossed the payments off as rent for the 11 months he did have access to the home..that was what I had rented it for before he starting paying me to buy it..anyway..that plus Arbitration, collections, etc etc etc..car repo'd ford wants 5300.00 balance after the bogus sale..the car had a new engine, new tires & stereo, retail value was 7000.00 they sold it for 1,500..

1996 ford tbird 8cyl..LX..what a scam!!!! then my old house that I had with my X husband was foreclosed on, he owed 68K they sold it for 38K !!!! so if they sue him for 30K he will sue me, cause I got the house in the divorce, and I was supposed to pay the mortgage, but I couldn't, so we let it go..my name was not on the mortgage note, just the deed.

wolpoff claims 17K won by arbitration...LOL we do not have any money, no assets except maybe 12K in equity in our home, which we cant get because our credit is the worst!!!! so my question is with all of this is it Chapter 7 time? or can anyone help us?what a mess****

luv ya Joanne


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