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How do you calculate "damages" to add to "per

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For example, because of my same people, Midland and their lawyer "friends" down the road, Fleet CC pulled my credit one day, lowered my credit limit by 50% and then sent me a letter stating that I was being punished for a recent delinquency on my account...well lo and behold Midland had changed my account status from "in collection" with a balance, to stating that it was paid but there were THREE 90+ day lates(making it appear as if I was late three times in paying them and the "original creditor" denotation was removed-Luckily for me for my "proof" purposes, that was the ONLY negative item on my Experian at that time and of course, the only "recent collection" account...However, because I was already turned down for credit once, I was not about to apply for more credit and have my score drop for more inquiries, to gain no more credit for it and make my situation much worse......And so how would one go about coming up with a dollar figure to attach to such a thing?

I also have letters from two mortgage brokers stating how much I would be approved for for a loan and what the difference would be in interest rates and payments...however, already being in self- employed no income doc programs, the rate was so much higher that it has kept me out of the houses I would ever want to buy and so no purchase has been pursued...

, I have a ongoing medical condition that I am constantly told is exacerbated by stress and needless to say this has greatly added to my stress load...but again what's the dollar measurement?

Ideas? Advice? Thoughts...

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